Weapons are an important part of the game as they allow survivors to initiate combat while scavenging and will help them better defend the shelter. Some tools can also be used as improvised weapons.

Icon Knife
"It used to be a kitchen utensil, but now it's a dangerous melee weapon."
The only true melee weapon in the game. This item does not have any durability. The knife can be used along ranged weapons (see below) at point-blank range. When sneaking up to the back of an enemy in combat mode, the controlled character can do a back-stab attack, doing massive amounts of damage to the enemy, even if they are armored. This will not instantly kill enemies at full health, unless it is Arica/Roman doing the back-stab. Knives are a great weapon of choice for stealthy takeovers of an area, when used with hiding spots.

Icon Pistol
"Point at a person you want to hurt."
A common ranged weapon. A low rate of fire and moderate damage. You can get one by killing the son and his father in the Garage. Typically, most areas with huge amount of weapon parts will contain pistols.

Icon Shotgun
"A powerful weapon for short distances."
A slightly rare ranged weapon. It has quite a low rate of fire but extremely high damage at close quarters. You are able to kill most people with 2 shotgun shots, which is great if you don't have much ammunition. While there are shotgun shell items in the game data, currently shotguns consume the same generic bullet ammunition as the pistol, assault rifle, and the scoped rifle. It's trading value is below that of the Assault Rifle, but still holds a respectable value.

Assault Rifle
Icon Rifle1
"Military assault rifle with a good rate of fire."
A rare ranged weapon. One of the strongest guns in the game. The high rate of fire staggers enemies allowing 2-3 sprays before retaliation. You can obtain an easy Assault Rifle from killing the drunk soldier in the Supermarket. The Assault Rifle fires in short burst of 3 bullets, which can unintentionally sap too much ammo. Its trading value is one of the highest in the game, allowing you to easily trade things from traders with a single Assault Rifle. Given the rarity of the Assault Rifle, however, this is not recommended in the early and mid game.

Scoped Rifle
Icon Rifle2
"Military assault rifle fitted with a scope."
A very rare ranged weapon. Can be considered the best gun in the game due to its range and damage, although the Assault Rifle may prove to be a better gun. You can get one by killing the snipers at the Construction Site.

Icon Bullet1
"Ammunition for firearms."
Common ammunition for all firearms. Can be created with Shell Casings, Gunpowder, and Components. Fairly commonly found while scavenging.


"It gives some protection against bullets and knives."
A helpful equippable item as it will decrease bullet or knife attack damage. However, this item may prove a bit useless during scavenging if you're the sneaky-and-careful type. It's suggested to wear this with the military vest if you plan to kill thugs, military, and bandits.

Military Vest
"Vastly increases the chances of surviving a bullet or blade hit."
A helpful equippable item as it will greatly decrease bullet or knife attack damage. However, this item may prove a bit useless during scavenging if you are not intending to get in combat.

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