Other items are miscellaneous items.

Heat Lamp
Icon Heat Lamp
"We can use this lamp to grow plants indoors."
The Heat Lamp is used to upgrade the Herbal Garden to the Vegetable Garden.

Thermo Regulator
Icon Thermo Regulator
"We can use it to maintain optimum temperature of the heater and save wood. We'll also need it to make a distiller if we want to purify alcohol."
The Thermo Regulator is used to upgrade the Simple Heater to the Improved Heater, and is also a necessary component to build the Alcohol Distiller.

Icon Mixer
"We can use it to mix gunpowder or medical ingredients."
The Mixer is used to upgrade the Improved Metal Workshop to the Advanced Metal Workshop, and the Herbal Workshop to the Improved Herbal Workshop.

Icon Moonshine
"Things get easier when you drink it seems. It's a good trading item."
Moonshine is a bottle of homemade alcohol. It can be created at a Moonshine Still, is used to make Pure Alcohol, has a decent trading value, and can only be held in stacks of one.

Icon Books
"A good book is uplifting. The more we have, the better. If times are hard we can make them into fuel for our heater or stove."
Books help delay the onset of sadness and/or help relieve the symptoms. They can be turned into Fuel at a Workshop or Stove.

Icon Jewel1
"A piece of jewelry, valuable bartering item."
Jewelry cannot be crafted and can only be obtained by scavenging. It has no use other than selling to Traders.

Icon Snowman
"[No description]"
The Snowman is a craftable item only available during Winter. It provides a small amount of comfort to the Survivors.

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