Materials are items that typically cannot be used directly, but can combine with others to create usable items.

Broken Assault Rifle
"It used to be a deadly weapon, but it doesn't work anymore."
It can be repaired at an Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Assault Rifle.

Broken Guitar
Icon Broken Guitar
"It's broken, but not beyond repair. It would be cool to pass the time with nice music."
It is typically found inside locked containers or areas that require tools to access. It can be repaired at an Improved Workshop to make a fully functional Guitar.

Broken Pistol
Icon Broken Pistol
"An old weapon with a few missing parts."
It can be repaired at the Improved Metal Workshop into a fully-operational Pistol.

Broken Shotgun
"A half-dismantled shotgun."
It can be repaired at the Improved Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Shotgun.

Clean Water
Icon Water
"Some relatively clean water. You'll need it to prepare a good meal or make alcohol."
It is used for cooking, growing Herbs and Vegetables, and crafting Moonshine. It can be obtained by using a Filter at a Rainwater Collector, or by melting Snow at a Stove.

Icon Components
"Various components needed to make just about anything. Nails, Duct Tape, Plastic Containers, Scrap, things like that."
They are used as a base resource for building household items and are involved in the production of all consumable goods in some fashion.

Conduct Pass
"A safe conduct pass issued by the local army headquarters to Robert Zhigajev. It's useless to us, but could be quite valuable for someone with access to a skilled forger."
Acquired as hidden loot in Old Town. It's located under a kitchen sink after reading a note.

Damaged Helmet
Icon Helmet
"It's damaged so badly it can't be used, but after some repairs it could save someone's head."
It can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Helmet.

Damaged Vest
"Damaged military vest, some repairs are needed before it can be used again."
It can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Military Vest.

Electric Parts
Icon Electric Parts
"Some electric parts. They will come in handy if we want to introduce advanced improvements to our shelter."
They are the rarest of components and tend to be the most expensive. They are used to build and upgrade advanced Workshops; to craft the Mixer, Heat Lamp and Thermo Regulator; to install a Reinforced Door; and to build the Radio.

"Gunpowder is used to manufacture ammunition and explosives."
It is combined with Shell Casings at an Advanced Metal Workshop to craft Ammunition.

Icon Parts
"Various mechanical parts. Used for building and fixing complex devices."
They are used in the construction of various items, build and upgrade advanced Workshops, repair the Guitar, and to install a Reinforced Door.

Pure Alcohol
Icon Pure Alcohol
"A small flask of pure alcohol more valuable than simple moonshine. You can drink it, you can trade it or you can use it to produce meds or bandages."
A rare item to scavenge. A reliable supply can be distilled from Moonshine by using an Alcohol Distiller. Crafting Pure Alcohol typically does not occur until the mid to late game due to the prerequisite structures (Advanced Workshop, Thermo Regulator, and the associated Electric Parts) required to build the Alcohol Distiller.

Shell Casings
Icon Shells
"Empty shell casings. We could make firearm ammo out of them."
They are combined with Gunpowder at an Advanced Metal Workshop to craft Ammunition.

Icon Snow
"We can melt it into water."
During Snowy weather, snow can be collected outside of the shelter front door. It can be used at the Stove to craft Clean Water. Clean Water can then be used for tasks such as cooking or growing Vegetables.

Icon Sugar
"There'd be no moonshine without sugar. Essential for the fermentation process."
Used to create Moonshine at a Moonshine Still.

Weapon Parts
Icon Weapon Parts
"Various weapon parts. Blade, barrels, springs, locks and so on."
Used in the crafting of some Tools, and in the crafting and repair of various Weapons and Armors.

Icon Wood
"An essential component for all kinds of stuff. Plus we can chop it to fuel stoves and heaters."
Used for constructing various items and structures and can be converted into fuel.

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