There is a diverse amount of items within This War of Mine. Each item has their own value and specific use(s). Item value can change throughout the game, item shortages can increase the item value, meanwhile item inflation can decrease the item value.

There are 62 Recorded Items.

Basic Items

Basic Items are the various foods and medicines that can be directly consumed. Some items can be used as components for crafting more useful items.

Icon Bandages
"Used to dress wounds."
Used to help speed up recovery from wounds. One level of damage can be healed when combined with Rest in a Bed overnight. It can be obtained by scavenging, trading or crafting at the Herbal Workshop.

Icon Food Canned
"A canned meal. More nutritious than raw food. With time, you'll get used to its taste."
It can be consumed without cooking, and reduces a character's Hunger level, similar to a Cooked Meal. It can also be used as Bait for the Trap for Small Animals.

Icon Cigarette
""Real tobacco cigarette. Often used as currency in times of war."
A medium-quality cigarette made from high-quality Tobacco.

Icon Coffee
"Some of us drink coffee to find strength in order to survive another day. Its limited availability in wartime makes it a valuable commodity."
Survivors with coffee Addictions will drink coffee daily so long as it is available in the inventory. It can be obtained by scavenging, trading, and sometimes as a quest reward.

Cooked Meal
Icon Meal1
"A simple cooked meal, more nutritious and tastier than Raw Food. It gets even better and more filling with vegetables."
It is made at a Stove, using Raw Food, Clean Water and (optionally) Vegetables. Once crafted, it remains at the stove and does not go into the inventory. It reduces Hunger by one level. Cooking with Vegetables creates two cooked meals using less overall resources versus cooking two single meals separately.

Icon Fertilizer
"Organic waste that we can use as Fertilizer in our garden to grow Herbs or Vegetables, or as bait in a Trap for Small Animals."
It can be scavenged, traded for, or crafted at the Herbal Garden or Vegetable Garden. It is used to grow Vegetables in the Vegetable Garden or used as bait in a Trap for Small Animals.

Herbal Meds
Icon Herbal Medicine
"Simple medications based on herbs. Sometimes they help, sometimes they don't. Still, they're better than nothing."
They are a single-use item that can be used in an attempt to cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness. Herbal Meds only have a chance of working, unlike Medications which are guaranteed to work.

"Various herbs that can be used to make herbal medications and roll-up cigarettes."
Used to craft Homegrown Tobacco, Herbal Meds, and Bandages at the Herbal Workshop. They can be scavenged or crafted at the Herbal Garden or Vegetable Garden.

Icon Tobacco1
"Homegrown tobacco for making roll-up cigarettes. Not nearly as good as the real thing, but we can grow it ourselves."
Used as a crafting component for Roll-Up Cigarettes and Quality Roll-Ups. It can be crafted from Herbs at the Herbal Workshop, purchased from Traders or scavenged from containers.

Icon Medicine
"Their taste is terrible, but they can save your life in sickness."
They are a single-use item that can cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness. They are obtainable by crafting through the Improved Herbal Workshop, trading or scavenging.

"Old pills and animal meds. With a little bit of knowledge they can be used to make normal meds."
This rare item can be found by scavenging and is typically found inside medicine cabinets. Occasionally, it can be obtained from Sandu at the City Hospital. Med Ingredients are a required component for crafting Medications.

""Roll-up made from equal parts of tobacco and herbs, quite good under the circumstances."
A quality cigarette containing high-quality Tobacco, with additional processed Herbs mixed in.

Raw Food
Icon Raw Food
"It's edible but would be more nutritious when cooked."
The most basic type of food. Ideally, it should be cooked at a Stove to prepare a Cooked Meal. It can be acquired by scavenging, trading, or by using the Trap for Small Animals.

"Roll-up cigarette made from herbs. It reeks acrid, bitter smoke."
A low-quality cigarette containing processed Herbs.

Icon Tobacco2
"We can make expensive cigarettes from this tobacco."
It is used to create Cigarettes and Quality Roll-ups at the Herbal Workshop.

Icon Vegetables
"We can eat them as is, but they make a much better meal when cooked with some raw food."
Typically combined with Raw Food at a Stove to create two Cooked Meals. If the situation is dire, a vegetable can eaten by itself from the fridge, however it won't replenish as much hunger as other foods. They can be scavenged, traded for, or grown in a Vegetable Garden.

Household Items

Household Items improve the player's shelter by providing comfort, relief or protection. They are built at a Workshop.

"An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture. If you sit in it with a good book, you can almost forget about the war."
An armchair provides a place for survivors to rest while not working. They are comfortable and help improve the survivor's mood.

Icon Bed
"Offers a decent sleep without back pain, no matter if it's night or day."
A bed allows a character to rest, removing Tired status.

Board Up
Icon Board Up
"We can board up holes and windows in the building for more protection against looters."
Board Up is used up to three times, to block three bomb holes in the shelter. These improvements will significantly increase raid defense and help reduce casualties and/or losses.

"it's better to sit on a chair than on the floor. We should build it to make this place more like home. It will make us feel better in these tough times."
Chairs provide a place for survivors to rest while not working. Survivors with addictions can automatically smoke Cigarettes or drink Coffee once they sit down.


"Having something to occupy time is important. A guitar can brighten up our mood, especially if the person playing it knows what they are doing."
It is useful for treating symptoms of depression and keeping morale high in the player's group.

"Which children doesn't like to play with a ball?"
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope
"It's amazing that how a simple piece of rope can keep children entertained for so many hours."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Toy Box
Toy Box
"It contains everything! A teddy bear, dolls, pocket planes and cars. Even toy soldiers..."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

"It's just a simple swing, but for a kid it's a never-ending source of fun."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Icon Heater
"Allows us to heat the shelter, so that we don't get ill. We can prepare fuel for it using wood, books or various components."
It is used during winter to keep warm and prevent the survivors from getting sick or freezing to death.

Icon Radio
"It would be great to listen to current news and weather forecasts. We could be better prepared to deal with hardships if we knew about them well in advance. When there's nothing on the news, we can listen to music and brighten our mood."
The radio lets the player know the overall state of Graznavia, Pogoren. Leaving the radio on a music channel provides a small boost to the survivors' mood.

Reinforced Door
"Once we board up holes and windows in the shelter, we can think of reinforcing the door and installing a simple alarm system."
It is the last security and defense upgrade for the shelter. It can be built at an Advanced Workshop.


Weapons are an important part of the game as they allow survivors to initiate combat while scavenging and will help them better defend the shelter. Some tools can also be used as improvised weapons.

Icon Knife
"It used to be a kitchen utensil, but now it's a dangerous melee weapon."
The only true melee weapon in the game. This item does not have any durability. The knife can be used along ranged weapons (see below) at point-blank range. When sneaking up to the back of an enemy in combat mode, the controlled character can do a back-stab attack, doing massive amounts of damage to the enemy, even if they are armored. This will not instantly kill enemies at full health, unless it is Arica/Roman doing the back-stab. Knives are a great weapon of choice for stealthy takeovers of an area, when used with hiding spots.

Icon Pistol
"Point at a person you want to hurt."
A common ranged weapon. A low rate of fire and moderate damage. You can get one by killing the son and his father in the Garage. Typically, most areas with huge amount of weapon parts will contain pistols.

Icon Shotgun
"A powerful weapon for short distances."
A slightly rare ranged weapon. It has quite a low rate of fire but extremely high damage at close quarters. You are able to kill most people with 2 shotgun shots, which is great if you don't have much ammunition. While there are shotgun shell items in the game data, currently shotguns consume the same generic bullet ammunition as the pistol, assault rifle, and the scoped rifle. It's trading value is below that of the Assault Rifle, but still holds a respectable value.

Assault Rifle
Icon Rifle1
"Military assault rifle with a good rate of fire."
A rare ranged weapon. One of the strongest guns in the game. The high rate of fire staggers enemies allowing 2-3 sprays before retaliation. You can obtain an easy Assault Rifle from killing the drunk soldier in the Supermarket. The Assault Rifle fires in short burst of 3 bullets, which can unintentionally sap too much ammo. Its trading value is one of the highest in the game, allowing you to easily trade things from traders with a single Assault Rifle. Given the rarity of the Assault Rifle, however, this is not recommended in the early and mid game.

Scoped Rifle
Icon Rifle2
"Military assault rifle fitted with a scope."
A very rare ranged weapon. Can be considered the best gun in the game due to its range and damage, although the Assault Rifle may prove to be a better gun. You can get one by killing the snipers at the Construction Site.

Icon Bullet1
"Ammunition for firearms."
Common ammunition for all firearms. Can be created with Shell Casings, Gunpowder, and Components. Fairly commonly found while scavenging.


"It gives some protection against bullets and knives."
A helpful equippable item as it will decrease bullet or knife attack damage. However, this item may prove a bit useless during scavenging if you're the sneaky-and-careful type. It's suggested to wear this with the military vest if you plan to kill thugs, military, and bandits.

Military Vest
"Vastly increases the chances of surviving a bullet or blade hit."
A helpful equippable item as it will greatly decrease bullet or knife attack damage. However, this item may prove a bit useless during scavenging if you are not intending to get in combat.


Equipment, or Tools, are an important part of This War of Mine as they unlock otherwise inaccessible places, and speed up tasks that would often take up valuable in-game time. Most equipment can also be used as improvised weapons in a pinch, such as defending the shelter from raiders. The crowbar and shovel are less effective than the Knife in melee. The Hatchet does more damage than the Knife in melee, but only Arica or Roman can use it to kill in one hit using a back-stab. Also, tools only lose durability and break when used for their main purposes, not when used as a melee weapon.

Saw Blade
Icon Saw1
"We can use it to cut through metal bars and chains to get to otherwise inaccessible places."
  • Used to cut through metal bars.
  • Generates some noise, but not much.
  • Uses: 1
  • Cannot be used as an improvised weapon.

Lock Pick
Icon Lock Pick
"It's single use but opens locks quickly and quietly."
  • Used to quietly open locked doors and cabinets
  • Much quieter and faster than a crowbar.
  • Uses: 1
  • Cannot be used as an improvised weapon.
  • Costs: 3 components, 1 parts.

Tools that are also Improvised Weapons

Icon Crowbar
"Homemade tool you can use to pry open a few doors before it breaks. It does the job slowly and loudly."
  • Used to forcefully open locked doors and cabinets.
  • Generates a lot of noise.
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • Fairly weak as an improvised weapon
  • Costs: 10 components.

Icon Shovel
"A small shovel for picking through rubble."
  • Used to clear away piles of debris, effectively decreasing the time taken to do so by 80%.
  • Generates a lot of noise (as much as clearing debris with bare hands)
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • Medium strength improvised weapon
  • Costs: 4 wood, 7 components.

Icon Hatchet
"We can use it to chop furniture... or people."
  • Generates a lot of noise.
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • The most effective improvised weapon and deals more damage than a knife in melee. Arica or Roman can use it to back-stab effectively, whereas other characters will only deal a significant amount of damage.


Materials are items that typically cannot be used directly, but can combine with others to create usable items.

Broken Assault Rifle
"It used to be a deadly weapon, but it doesn't work anymore."
It can be repaired at an Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Assault Rifle.

Broken Guitar
Icon Broken Guitar
"It's broken, but not beyond repair. It would be cool to pass the time with nice music."
It is typically found inside locked containers or areas that require tools to access. It can be repaired at an Improved Workshop to make a fully functional Guitar.

Broken Pistol
Icon Broken Pistol
"An old weapon with a few missing parts."
It can be repaired at the Improved Metal Workshop into a fully-operational Pistol.

Broken Shotgun
"A half-dismantled shotgun."
It can be repaired at the Improved Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Shotgun.

Clean Water
Icon Water
"Some relatively clean water. You'll need it to prepare a good meal or make alcohol."
It is used for cooking, growing Herbs and Vegetables, and crafting Moonshine. It can be obtained by using a Filter at a Rainwater Collector, or by melting Snow at a Stove.

Icon Components
"Various components needed to make just about anything. Nails, Duct Tape, Plastic Containers, Scrap, things like that."
They are used as a base resource for building household items and are involved in the production of all consumable goods in some fashion.

Conduct Pass
"A safe conduct pass issued by the local army headquarters to Robert Zhigajev. It's useless to us, but could be quite valuable for someone with access to a skilled forger."
Acquired as hidden loot in Old Town. It's located under a kitchen sink after reading a note.

Damaged Helmet
Icon Helmet
"It's damaged so badly it can't be used, but after some repairs it could save someone's head."
It can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Helmet.

Damaged Vest
"Damaged military vest, some repairs are needed before it can be used again."
It can be repaired at the Advanced Metal Workshop to make a fully functional Military Vest.

Electric Parts
Icon Electric Parts
"Some electric parts. They will come in handy if we want to introduce advanced improvements to our shelter."
They are the rarest of components and tend to be the most expensive. They are used to build and upgrade advanced Workshops; to craft the Mixer, Heat Lamp and Thermo Regulator; to install a Reinforced Door; and to build the Radio.

"Gunpowder is used to manufacture ammunition and explosives."
It is combined with Shell Casings at an Advanced Metal Workshop to craft Ammunition.

Icon Parts
"Various mechanical parts. Used for building and fixing complex devices."
They are used in the construction of various items, build and upgrade advanced Workshops, repair the Guitar, and to install a Reinforced Door.

Pure Alcohol
Icon Pure Alcohol
"A small flask of pure alcohol more valuable than simple moonshine. You can drink it, you can trade it or you can use it to produce meds or bandages."
A rare item to scavenge. A reliable supply can be distilled from Moonshine by using an Alcohol Distiller. Crafting Pure Alcohol typically does not occur until the mid to late game due to the prerequisite structures (Advanced Workshop, Thermo Regulator, and the associated Electric Parts) required to build the Alcohol Distiller.

Shell Casings
Icon Shells
"Empty shell casings. We could make firearm ammo out of them."
They are combined with Gunpowder at an Advanced Metal Workshop to craft Ammunition.

Icon Snow
"We can melt it into water."
During Snowy weather, snow can be collected outside of the shelter front door. It can be used at the Stove to craft Clean Water. Clean Water can then be used for tasks such as cooking or growing Vegetables.

Icon Sugar
"There'd be no moonshine without sugar. Essential for the fermentation process."
Used to create Moonshine at a Moonshine Still.

Weapon Parts
Icon Weapon Parts
"Various weapon parts. Blade, barrels, springs, locks and so on."
Used in the crafting of some Tools, and in the crafting and repair of various Weapons and Armors.

Icon Wood
"An essential component for all kinds of stuff. Plus we can chop it to fuel stoves and heaters."
Used for constructing various items and structures and can be converted into fuel.


Consumables include Fuel, and Filters which are used to create other resources.

"Everything that we can burn in the heater to warm up our place, or in the stove to cook food. We can make it from wood, books or components."
Fuel is used to cook food, melt snow, heat the shelter, and craft Moonshine. During Winter traders offer fuel at a premium, especially the traveling trader Franko.

Icon Filter
"Homemade single-use filter to purify rainwater or distill alcohol."
Filters are essential for obtaining Clean Water (at the Stove or a Rainwater Collector) and to create Pure Alcohol (at the Alcohol Distiller).


Other items are miscellaneous items.

Heat Lamp
Icon Heat Lamp
"We can use this lamp to grow plants indoors."
The Heat Lamp is used to upgrade the Herbal Garden to the Vegetable Garden.

Thermo Regulator
Icon Thermo Regulator
"We can use it to maintain optimum temperature of the heater and save wood. We'll also need it to make a distiller if we want to purify alcohol."
The Thermo Regulator is used to upgrade the Simple Heater to the Improved Heater, and is also a necessary component to build the Alcohol Distiller.

Icon Mixer
"We can use it to mix gunpowder or medical ingredients."
The Mixer is used to upgrade the Improved Metal Workshop to the Advanced Metal Workshop, and the Herbal Workshop to the Improved Herbal Workshop.

Icon Moonshine
"Things get easier when you drink it seems. It's a good trading item."
Moonshine is a bottle of homemade alcohol. It can be created at a Moonshine Still, is used to make Pure Alcohol, has a decent trading value, and can only be held in stacks of one.

Icon Books
"A good book is uplifting. The more we have, the better. If times are hard we can make them into fuel for our heater or stove."
Books help delay the onset of sadness and/or help relieve the symptoms. They can be turned into Fuel at a Workshop or Stove.

Icon Jewel1
"A piece of jewelry, valuable bartering item."
Jewelry cannot be crafted and can only be obtained by scavenging. It has no use other than selling to Traders.

Icon Snowman
"[No description]"
The Snowman is a craftable item only available during Winter. It provides a small amount of comfort to the Survivors.

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