Household Items

Household Items improve the player's shelter by providing comfort, relief or protection. They are built at a Workshop.

"An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture. If you sit in it with a good book, you can almost forget about the war."
An armchair provides a place for survivors to rest while not working. They are comfortable and help improve the survivor's mood.

Icon Bed
"Offers a decent sleep without back pain, no matter if it's night or day."
A bed allows a character to rest, removing Tired status.

Board Up
Icon Board Up
"We can board up holes and windows in the building for more protection against looters."
Board Up is used up to three times, to block three bomb holes in the shelter. These improvements will significantly increase raid defense and help reduce casualties and/or losses.

"it's better to sit on a chair than on the floor. We should build it to make this place more like home. It will make us feel better in these tough times."
Chairs provide a place for survivors to rest while not working. Survivors with addictions can automatically smoke Cigarettes or drink Coffee once they sit down.


"Having something to occupy time is important. A guitar can brighten up our mood, especially if the person playing it knows what they are doing."
It is useful for treating symptoms of depression and keeping morale high in the player's group.

"Which children doesn't like to play with a ball?"
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope
"It's amazing that how a simple piece of rope can keep children entertained for so many hours."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Toy Box
Toy Box
"It contains everything! A teddy bear, dolls, pocket planes and cars. Even toy soldiers..."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

"It's just a simple swing, but for a kid it's a never-ending source of fun."
Children can play with it to get morale bonus.

Icon Heater
"Allows us to heat the shelter, so that we don't get ill. We can prepare fuel for it using wood, books or various components."
It is used during winter to keep warm and prevent the survivors from getting sick or freezing to death.

Icon Radio
"It would be great to listen to current news and weather forecasts. We could be better prepared to deal with hardships if we knew about them well in advance. When there's nothing on the news, we can listen to music and brighten our mood."
The radio lets the player know the overall state of Graznavia, Pogoren. Leaving the radio on a music channel provides a small boost to the survivors' mood.

Reinforced Door
"Once we board up holes and windows in the shelter, we can think of reinforcing the door and installing a simple alarm system."
It is the last security and defense upgrade for the shelter. It can be built at an Advanced Workshop.

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