Equipment, or Tools, are an important part of This War of Mine as they unlock otherwise inaccessible places, and speed up tasks that would often take up valuable in-game time. Most equipment can also be used as improvised weapons in a pinch, such as defending the shelter from raiders. The crowbar and shovel are less effective than the Knife in melee. The Hatchet does more damage than the Knife in melee, but only Arica or Roman can use it to kill in one hit using a back-stab. Also, tools only lose durability and break when used for their main purposes, not when used as a melee weapon.

Saw Blade
Icon Saw1
"We can use it to cut through metal bars and chains to get to otherwise inaccessible places."
  • Used to cut through metal bars.
  • Generates some noise, but not much.
  • Uses: 1
  • Cannot be used as an improvised weapon.

Lock Pick
Icon Lock Pick
"It's single use but opens locks quickly and quietly."
  • Used to quietly open locked doors and cabinets
  • Much quieter and faster than a crowbar.
  • Uses: 1
  • Cannot be used as an improvised weapon.
  • Costs: 3 components, 1 parts.

Tools that are also Improvised Weapons

Icon Crowbar
"Homemade tool you can use to pry open a few doors before it breaks. It does the job slowly and loudly."
  • Used to forcefully open locked doors and cabinets.
  • Generates a lot of noise.
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • Fairly weak as an improvised weapon
  • Costs: 10 components.

Icon Shovel
"A small shovel for picking through rubble."
  • Used to clear away piles of debris, effectively decreasing the time taken to do so by 80%.
  • Generates a lot of noise (as much as clearing debris with bare hands)
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • Medium strength improvised weapon
  • Costs: 4 wood, 7 components.

Icon Hatchet
"We can use it to chop furniture... or people."
  • Generates a lot of noise.
  • Uses: approximately 10
  • The most effective improvised weapon and deals more damage than a knife in melee. Arica or Roman can use it to back-stab effectively, whereas other characters will only deal a significant amount of damage.

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