Basic Items

Basic Items are the various foods and medicines that can be directly consumed. Some items can be used as components for crafting more useful items.

Icon Bandages
"Used to dress wounds."
Used to help speed up recovery from wounds. One level of damage can be healed when combined with Rest in a Bed overnight. It can be obtained by scavenging, trading or crafting at the Herbal Workshop.

Icon Food Canned
"A canned meal. More nutritious than raw food. With time, you'll get used to its taste."
It can be consumed without cooking, and reduces a character's Hunger level, similar to a Cooked Meal. It can also be used as Bait for the Trap for Small Animals.

Icon Cigarette
""Real tobacco cigarette. Often used as currency in times of war."
A medium-quality cigarette made from high-quality Tobacco.

Icon Coffee
"Some of us drink coffee to find strength in order to survive another day. Its limited availability in wartime makes it a valuable commodity."
Survivors with coffee Addictions will drink coffee daily so long as it is available in the inventory. It can be obtained by scavenging, trading, and sometimes as a quest reward.

Cooked Meal
Icon Meal1
"A simple cooked meal, more nutritious and tastier than Raw Food. It gets even better and more filling with vegetables."
It is made at a Stove, using Raw Food, Clean Water and (optionally) Vegetables. Once crafted, it remains at the stove and does not go into the inventory. It reduces Hunger by one level. Cooking with Vegetables creates two cooked meals using less overall resources versus cooking two single meals separately.

Icon Fertilizer
"Organic waste that we can use as Fertilizer in our garden to grow Herbs or Vegetables, or as bait in a Trap for Small Animals."
It can be scavenged, traded for, or crafted at the Herbal Garden or Vegetable Garden. It is used to grow Vegetables in the Vegetable Garden or used as bait in a Trap for Small Animals.

Herbal Meds
Icon Herbal Medicine
"Simple medications based on herbs. Sometimes they help, sometimes they don't. Still, they're better than nothing."
They are a single-use item that can be used in an attempt to cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness. Herbal Meds only have a chance of working, unlike Medications which are guaranteed to work.

"Various herbs that can be used to make herbal medications and roll-up cigarettes."
Used to craft Homegrown Tobacco, Herbal Meds, and Bandages at the Herbal Workshop. They can be scavenged or crafted at the Herbal Garden or Vegetable Garden.

Icon Tobacco1
"Homegrown tobacco for making roll-up cigarettes. Not nearly as good as the real thing, but we can grow it ourselves."
Used as a crafting component for Roll-Up Cigarettes and Quality Roll-Ups. It can be crafted from Herbs at the Herbal Workshop, purchased from Traders or scavenged from containers.

Icon Medicine
"Their taste is terrible, but they can save your life in sickness."
They are a single-use item that can cure 'slightly sick' status or downgrade higher levels of sickness. They are obtainable by crafting through the Improved Herbal Workshop, trading or scavenging.

"Old pills and animal meds. With a little bit of knowledge they can be used to make normal meds."
This rare item can be found by scavenging and is typically found inside medicine cabinets. Occasionally, it can be obtained from Sandu at the City Hospital. Med Ingredients are a required component for crafting Medications.

""Roll-up made from equal parts of tobacco and herbs, quite good under the circumstances."
A quality cigarette containing high-quality Tobacco, with additional processed Herbs mixed in.

Raw Food
Icon Raw Food
"It's edible but would be more nutritious when cooked."
The most basic type of food. Ideally, it should be cooked at a Stove to prepare a Cooked Meal. It can be acquired by scavenging, trading, or by using the Trap for Small Animals.

"Roll-up cigarette made from herbs. It reeks acrid, bitter smoke."
A low-quality cigarette containing processed Herbs.

Icon Tobacco2
"We can make expensive cigarettes from this tobacco."
It is used to create Cigarettes and Quality Roll-ups at the Herbal Workshop.

Icon Vegetables
"We can eat them as is, but they make a much better meal when cooked with some raw food."
Typically combined with Raw Food at a Stove to create two Cooked Meals. If the situation is dire, a vegetable can eaten by itself from the fridge, however it won't replenish as much hunger as other foods. They can be scavenged, traded for, or grown in a Vegetable Garden.

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