Distills moonshine into pure, high-quality alcohol, component for meds and bandages, or a much better bartering item.

–Alcohol Distiller Description


The Alcohol Distiller is a specialty workshop in This War of Mine. It can be built at an Advanced Workshop.

It is used to craft Pure Alcohol from Moonshine.

Keep in mind that each bottle of Pure Alcohol takes one inventory slot, just as Moonshine does, opposed to stacking such as other items.

Crafting Cost

Alcohol Distiller Crafting Cost
Builder Icon Components Icon Wood Icon Parts Icon Thermo Regulator
Computer Specialist 12 6 6 1
Marin 16 8 8
Other 20 10 10


Crafting Cost for 2 x Pure Alcohol
Crafter Moonshine Filter Fuel
Bruno, Livia 1 1 1
Other 1 1 2

Crafting Pure Alcohol makes 2 Pure Alcohol for every 1 Moonshine. Bruno can craft 2 Pure Alcohol for 1 moonshine, 1 filter, and 1 fuel. Other characters require 1 extra fuel.

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