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For the character from Father's Promise, see Adam.


He is addicted to smoking cigarettes.

He has an inventory size of 10.


Adem's Trained in Combat trait makes him the best choice for Combat within The Last Broadcast.


Adem is only playable mid-way through the story, once all three choices have been made and Malik's fate is decided.


Adem joined the Grazni military, choosing his country over his Vyseni ethnicity, to the chagrin of his father, Malik. He deserts when he finds out the military intends to target his family, but is too late.

Depending on your choices, Adem will either wish to leave the city via the Port or opt to stay and become Malik's heir as a broadcaster.

Adem is addicted to smoking and his mood will be slowly drained if his addiction is not satisfied. However, the effect is negligible. He also plays the guitar well.

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