For the character from The Last Broadcast, see Adem.
It feels like just yesterday I buried Barbara, and now Amelia is ill as well. This damn war will not take my daughter away from me. I will not allow it. I'll find a way to save her.

–Adam's description


Adam is one of the many playable characters found in the game and appears in Father's Promise DLC.

He is addicted to coffee and has an inventory size of 15. He is susceptible to depression. He also has the best combat skill in the game and the best guarding skill. He can't play the guitar.

His priority is to make sure his daughter Amelia is healthy and safe.

He can also be found in the Fading Ambers DLC, where he is looking after a group of orphans.

Character Story

  1. "This place looks safe enough, but I have to make sure. I need to check all the rooms for food and meds for Amelia, we desperately need them. My poor litle girl... I cannot lose her too."
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