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Not to be confused with the Shelled Cottage


The Abandoned Cottage is a possible first location that you will explore depending on the play-through. It's safe, well stocked and available the first night. There are enough supplies here to build a Hatchet which is a good melee weapon and wood/fuel gathering tool. There is a note on the 2nd floor that reveals a hidden Broken Pistol and some Weapon Parts buried outside the house. A Crowbar or 2 Lock Picks are required to open a locked door and locked locker. There are three pieces of furniture that can be chopped with a Hatchet, although one has a note that should be read before chopping, so as to not miss out on a broken pistol and weapon parts that are located in the yard.

A small map, there is enough time in one night to clear rubble, open both locks and move every piece of loot into the fridge for convenience when you return on subsequent nights. You can then easily prioritize what you need early on, and thus be sure to carry out as much as possible.

Abandoned Cottage.jpg


Representative only, e.g. medications may be found instead of bandages, +/- 1 vegetable etc. There are 3 furniture (1 in basement and 2 on top floor) that can be chopped for additional materials, yielding around 16 wood and 9 fuel total (less as the game progresses). Make sure to read the note on the top floor before chopping the desk, so as to not miss out weapon parts and a broken pistol, located in the yard.

Medical Items Quantity
Bandage 1
Herbal Medicines 1
Needs / Trading
Herbs 3
Homegrown Tobacco 1
Cigarette 1
Roll-Up Cigarette 3
Quality Roll-Up 1
Coffee 1
Sugar 17
Book 2
Broken Toy 2
Jewelry 1
Water 10
Fertilizer 1
Vegetables 1
Raw Food 5
Components 60
Electrical Parts 5
Parts 6
Weapon Parts 5
Wood 30
Gunpowder 3
Shell Casings 7
Ammunition 1
Broken Pistol 1